About Simerge

Simerge is a space simulation project of mixed genre. I’m going to create a space game which should be a combination of elements from “X3 Reunion” and “EOC: Independance War 2″. In a few words, the gameplay will be mainly oriented on tactical, economy and combat elements. Additionally there is 1st/3rd person walking inside and outside.

To introduce my thoughts about Simerge:
The player will have a freeform flight possibility. Later there will be a linear storyline with main missions.  Simerge is designed as a sandbox style game where the player will be able to interact with countless different NPCs living in a dynamic universe. He will be able to trade, build diverse structures (including own facilities and marketplaces) and command an entire fleet. In addition, combat in space and on ground will be an essential gameplay element.

The main focus in my project relies on the user interface. I plan to keep all control interfaces completely separated from each other. Doing this I can have all freedom to optimize them for their purpose.
For example, the interface for trading would look like an office computer, but strongly simplified. The player should get the intention, that there is an installed OS where he can start applications.
Another very important element is the realization of a good tactical interface. If the player wants to rush into a fleet combat then he needs every possibility to give fast orders and respond quickly on changing situation.

And trading … The economy should consist of full automatized NPC individuals. There should be manufacturers and consumers. As every participant, the player would be able buy and sell goods from different locations. If he has enough resources, he can buy more transport vessels, employ pilots or open his own factories. And at least he would have wide possibilities to automatize some or all trade processes.

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  1. Pingjockey says:

    This sounds great. I have been looking for someone to follow up to those games. EOC is by far one of the most amazing space games ever. I am so very much looking forward to seeing this work. Do you need help like programmers, designers and the such. I would love lend what ever support I can to this cause.


  2. alesto says:

    Yes. I need some programmers.
    I’ve written information on it in the “Help wanted” page on the right.

  3. Demian says:

    Do you know Infinity Universe?
    I don’t know how similar is this project to that, but at least both have planetary to space flight.

  4. alesto says:

    @ Demian:

    Yes. I know Infinity. It’s a very interesting project.
    There won’t be much similarities because I’m going for singleplayer only.

  5. Demian says:

    Uh! Ok.
    Yeah, I see you are Razorjack in the Infinity forums. :-)
    I’ll keep an eye on this. I really like it.

  6. mahendra says:

    Hi,Even i live in Bonn, Doing masters in computer science(graphics). can we meet sometime,your project looks interesting.

  7. poiNt_3D says:

    This game looks like something i always dreamed of. Is this project abandoned now?

  8. alesto says:

    It’s not really abandoned. But it’s actually paused in development because of lack of time.

  9. Josey says:

    I think you have a winner here. I’d love to see this come to fruition.

    I also would like to see a game that incorporates a robust, massive ship that you literally have to walk around and repair when it’s busted. A space sim that pushes the limits between pushing pixels around a screen for fun and actually using science to simulate life adventures in space. One TV series that closely aligns with this type of game is the short lived “Stargate – Universe”. SGU isn’t like the other Stargate shows in that the cast is stranded on an alien ship and they slowly unravel the mysteries to unlock the ships full potential over the course of 20 episodes (even then there are still areas of this massive ship that they haven’t expored). I think today’s game engines have the abilities to make a complex game like that a reality and I would be the first in line to buy it.

  10. Cucumber says:

    Maybe you will unite\work together with infinity developers?
    Fist more powerful than finger.

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