Notes on futural releases

It gets important to clearify one point, because I’ve been asked many times on this.

Simerge is decided to be a Mod for X3 reunion and I-War 2. This means it will be freeware and it will depend from these applications to run. The installation won’t contain foreign game resources. Hence Simerge will require both games to be preinstalled.

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3 Responses to Notes on futural releases

  1. ivucica says:

    Oh. That’s not fun :(

    I hope that at some point you’ll decide to pack up some basic graphics for us less fortunate, so we can try the gameplay and engine.

  2. DarkOne says:

    Will Simerge support X3 Terran Conflict or only Reunion? I know you couldn’t package up source and other game files because you could get yourself in some trouble. Just be nice to be able to run the mod with the latest X3 game. Overall nice progress :)

  3. alesto says:

    I can’t answer this question. It depends too much from the ressources contained in Terran conflict version. If the new game has everything what Simerge uses from X3 Reunion then I see no problem by reading the one or another ressource package.

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