Imported GUI Elements from X3

Finally I’ve got it working!
The GUI system is an independent chapter. Perhaps not an easy one, but an exciting one. I’m using something like a widget system where the user can create an own GUI based on existing control elements. He can derive existing elements and create new ones with inherited functions but other styles for example or he can write completely new elements. It’s the same way like windows API programming.

To keep the X3 reunion feeling in Simerge I decided to import controls skins from this game. Like X3 too, the player will be able to manage his ships, give them orders or group them together into sqadrons or whole fleets.
X3 Reunion is a really great game, alltough I’m a little bit disappointed with the GUI design. I thought of making a few tweak ups in Simerge. Unlike X3, the GUI in Simerge should allow the player to select multiple ships at once and give them orders with only a few clicks. New features will be/are added like context menus and a multifunctional side applet like the one in Comand&Conquer games.
I also though of something like a collection or clipboard where the player can store his units for later usage. He can recall these ships at any time. It gets useful if ships are spread around all corners in space and they can’t be selected at once. In X3 it can get problematic if the player wants to do maintenance stuff on his fleet like repairing or equipment changing or if he wants to send a bunch of new fighters to carrier ships or replace older ones.

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2 Responses to Imported GUI Elements from X3

  1. ivucica says:

    Hm, you really took it upon yourself to read as much of their content as possible :)
    Nice, keep up the good work!

    Do you use some GUI library or are you coding the GUI elements yourself?

    WRT X3, I’m a bit disappointed by it. I feel X2 was better, albeit buggier and less consistent.

  2. alesto says:

    The GUI library was written by me. The engine uses the mainloop of the GUI system to work.
    For X3, I’m going to design an own interface but keep only the skins. Especially I want allow multiple selections.

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