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This time I want to post something not concerning Simerge, but concerning space softwares in common …

One day, I’ve been contacted by a writer. He told me that he wants to start writing for an upcoming online magazine dedicated to space software. Being a fan he wants to make his magazine available for free. My first intention was quite neutral. I must admit, I was neither surprised nor interested.
Some days later he sent me a small snippet of his work and then I realized that he is going to create something very interesting. It’s not only the content of the magazine pages. He uses also an own kind of design which attracts the reader to read more.

I think his magazine project deserves attention.
If someone wants to take a look on this, please follow the link http://multiverseweb.com/

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One Response to CPU @ SPACE magazine

  1. ivucica says:

    CPU@Space looks really fascinating, thanks for sharing the link!

    Rest of the comment is aimed as C@S’s author, who I hope will read this:

    It would really be cool if there were at least an RSS feed (most easily done by creating a blog) announcing new issues of C@S for those who easily forget, but use Google Reader and friends.

    Also, I’m not sure if amassing large lists of links is a good idea. It would be better if there were a smaller number of high quality links related to a project, together with screenshots and smaller description.

    I have spotted several spelling mistakes: “independant” and “educationnal” in issue 1. Not very important, but there isn’t much text, so it could be checked better :)

    Otherwise, I applaud good design and all the work that went into it. I’m looking forward to new issues!

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