Linux porting

The new prototype of Simerge was successfully ported to Linux OS. This is a great step in development towards platform independence.

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5 Responses to Linux porting

  1. PunkiBastardo says:

    Great news!
    I had thought you were using DirectX (not that anything pointed me at it or anything, just a supposition…). So I didn’t think it would be possible, but oh man, games like these for linux get front page on every single linux site! Congratulations!

  2. alesto says:

    I used once DirectX, but this is 2 or 3 years ago.

  3. Modred says:

    Good news!

    Keep it up man, I can’t wait for a release!

  4. Rob says:


    Is the current state of code on sourceforge compilable on linux? I’m trying to get it working, but it’s slow process. I hope, one day, I’ll get it :)

    Guys like you are my heroes! World needs more opensource games!

    • alesto says:


      Unfortunatley there are problems with linux:
      1. The project files with code::blocks are outdated.
      2. The letter case of file names for headers should be normalized. I compiled the source with linux by mounting the source files on an NTFS filesystem and didn’t notice this issue.
      3. The sourcecode is INCOMPLETE. A new BSP map loader should be implemented (e.g. for Halflife 2 maps or Quake3 maps). The one which is inside was never published because it uses a proprietary map format from 3D gamestudio engine.

      – Alex

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