First BSP maps for indoor scenes and other news

It was a very long time since I’ve last posted news on my project. It doesn’t mean it was dead for this time. I spent the most time with things which needed to be done on the engine. For example, rewriting the graphics modules. Tidy up some chaos a.s.o.. Unfortunately none of these have brought any new funny shots I would show on this site. Since today.

I’ve recently managed to import BSP scenes successfully. Which will be used for some of the indoor walking. For example the player would be able to walk inside ships or space stations. Currently I’m trying it with a combination of occlusion portals and BSP maps.

Ship interior example

The image above shows an example how a corridor inside a spaceship could look like.

Info: The mapping I’ve done myself. The textures were borrowed from an old Quake games editor (I think called Quole). The lamp textures are from Halflife 1. As usual, I’m gonna replace this borrowed content later.

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3 Responses to First BSP maps for indoor scenes and other news

  1. Hermano says:

    That looks very nice indeed, but even better is that you’re still working on the project!

  2. alesto says:

    Yes. I’m working on it. I was focusing on graphical optimization. Currently I’m doing basical FPS elements giving the player a chance to walk inside ships.

  3. Hermano says:

    Ok. Let me know if/when you need any help testing.

    And happy new year also!

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