Planetoids test

I’ve tested the behavior of the terrain engine by choosing huge mountain heights (around 35 km) in combination with a planet of tiny diameter. For example the one lesser than 1000km diameter. As a result I got an interesting planetoid celestial body, which behave the same way as a normal planet. This means the player is also able to land on it and walk on it’s surface. Because of the half irregular shape, such planetoid reminds more of a huge asteroid than of a planet.

Planetoids are existing in our solar system inside the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Also there are different moons orbiting our gas giants and Mars. These moons are often shaped irregularly.


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5 Responses to Planetoids test

  1. ivucica says:

    Looks great, 5+

    That planet on the left is untextured, right?

  2. alesto says:

    Currently, All planets aren’t textured. And when they are rendered far, I only draw a sphere.

  3. marco says:

    Happy to see your progresses!!! a game/mod like this will be a milestone…please go on ;)

  4. dria says:

    keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. cool says:

    awseome a new planet untextured the name i will give it is planet grass

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